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Korean Used Car - 2002 Ssangyong Istana 15SEAT MT []

2002 Ssangyong Istana 15SEAT MT for sale.

for further information of this car, please refer to this website. is a sure way to buy used cars, trucks, buses, and parts from South Korea. We are located in Seoul, South Korea and export all over the world.

Please select the vehicle you are interested in, in, and ask for a quotation by clicking "Ask for B.I.S" (Buy it Safely). Our staff in Autowini will send you the final quotation that includes the shipping cost, the price of the vehicle, and the cost of service.

After you look over the final quotation and feel the need to ask a question or feel like purchasing the vehicle, please contact our representative of your appropriate country, whose number can be found in the final quotation. Thank you very much. This video contains all the information regarding the process!\u0026v=Q6ORcz-4VJg

Thank you!
Best Regards,
Vh Gh : ស្អាតណាស់លក់មកស្រុកខ្មែអត់បង
The Journey Ahead : I want to buy one of these in the future and ship it to Germany
شيعي من اتباع أهل البيت ع : Istana industry Germany wenderful l love her
Den Rjabinin : Цена?
Earl Matthew Avila : Ssangyong Istana a.k.a. Mercedes-Benz MB100D
Bong Mesadiii : Hi b0964458135
Sey Ha : $$$$$$€
اكرم كامل - Akram Kamel : ستانا صناعة المانية رائعة
فاضل عباس الفتلاوي : هل يستطيع نقلها للعراق
Shirzada Shenwari : How much is


롤스로이스 : 저거교회차인데 그레이스나프레지오보다컷음
youtube NE : 이쓰타나! ㅋㅋ
Jeremiah Irving Euro : 벤츠와 함께 만든 혁신설계
Montana Bautista : miracle worker in Mercedes-Benz
Compaxius 8685 : 0:23 a model which not uses a Starex Airconditioning style
Compaxius 8685 : and Also the Chassis Frames
Compaxius 8685 : uses a Hyundai A/C From The Starex
Earl Matthew Avila : Also known as Daewoo Istana and Mercedes-Benz MB100/MB140
Palit Weboonlit : 0:29 Ssangyong Jadongcha!


*라카유튜브 laka youtube : 저거 주작입니다
기어봉TV : 핸들에 대가리 박아라
Ko Ramdeo : 원통형 강철골격인 대신, 그 충격이 고스란이 운전자와 동승자들에게 돌아가서 죽어나감 ㅅㄱ
the spectre : Ssangyong istana(mercedes mb140)
미평동휘발유핫한 : 웨에엥 턱턱 웨에엥 턱턱
Хурма Рахим : если непроминается то голова у всех точно отвалиться
Orlando Soto : Me gusta manejar ese furgón porque les pongo Radio Corazón 101.3 FM
사각사각 : 응 흙수저 학원 차
김두한 : 한마디로 벤츠따까리
루루 : 저거 10km 충돌테스트?




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