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Sci-Fi Short Film “R'ha" | DUST

R’Ha, directed by Kaleb Lechowski, is a fight for survival in a solar system where no one can be trusted. A civil war started by subversives they could have never seen coming. A group of fighters, relentless in their quest to protect their planets will do everything in their power to emerge the victorious underdog against an enemy that appears to always be two steps ahead.

This short leaves you on edge as the future of the guardians of space grows dim in the afterburner of the spacecraft that may lead their enemy right to them. The subtle ending shows a scene so seemingly benign it’ll hit you even harder when you realize the implications of it.

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Website: http://kaleblechowski.tumblr.com

About DUST:
DUST presents thought-provoking science fiction content, exploring the future of humanity through the lens of science and technology. From timeless classics to cutting-edge movies, series, short films, and podcasts, DUST acquires, produces and distributes all content types.

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About Gunpowder + Sky:
Creating content that resonates and impacts pop culture conversation, by empowering creators to take risks and experiment relentlessly in the pursuit of novel stories and formats.

Sci-Fi Short Film “R'ha" | DUST
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Mitchi : Looks like the creature from LIFE
Panzer Limachino : The irrational thing about this short film is that the snake humanoid is personified as a hero. I find it aberration how they manipulate people to change the way of seeing these antagonistic beings of humanity
Uniform Tango 74 : The synopsis reminds me of the geth and Tali's people from Mass Effect. Created the geth to be their laborers and army...then turns against them.
Ron McQueen : This alien is Like the Egyptian who built the pyramids same head shape
Aaron Shaw PhD : These Dust movies are all amazing until the end that NEVER pays off. The end is that he had a tracker on the guy that escaped? Really? We have seen that 1042 times in movies. For this to be amazing, I need to be surprised and blown away by the ending. Meh story, great special effects.
NORMOk Play : С самого начало было понятно что это подстава, на месте этого органического пилота, нужно отправиться в другом направлении от встречи, быть отшельником.
Bal Romasant : General grievous. Before the war

RHA MA390 Mid Range Metallic Earphones Review

RHA MA390 wired earphones review this is a mid-range wired earphones the quality of the earphones is good it's aluminium shell with a braided cable and has a integrated microphone for taking calls but how does it sound I share my experience in this review.

My review of the Sennheiser CX275s earphones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mb2kajLxj8

Playlist for all my headphones \u0026 earphones review https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtIc4giS3RKOeX2bxYp-nBk88fAkRJZSc
Geekyranjit : Here is the playlist that contains all the other headphones & earphones I covered earlier https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtIc4giS3RKOeX2bxYp-nBk88fAkRJZSc
SUDHIR .G : Please review kz earphones those are one of the best cheap iems.
Arkaprava Acharyya : Can you plz compare the sound signature with the oneodio headphones...I know these dont compare well as they are of different types but as they are having comparable price, I am very curious.
Manjit Sharma : Mivi wired earphones W1 review
A B : 1900 rupees mid ranger???
Dingahu Dikbar : Mine stoped workin after three months thought
O MAXED : Best sound, not so good quality but 3 years warranty.
Using this from 2 years.
Rajendra P : Nice review sir. I have been using RHA MA650 and build quality is amazing. Sound quality is also pretty good. It will not tire you out with additional effects. So we can use for long hours without discomfort or fatigue.
Can you please review RHA Trueconnect and compare with the Sony's TWS?
Utkarsh Khare : You are the best Indian tech reviewer on Youtube
ayash kant Deo : I havebeen using these for 2 and half years now. I had to replace it twice. First time my cables were damaged and second time the earphone's tips were falling apart. But both of time the reason for warranty was one side earpiece not working as you can't claim warranty based on cosmetic damages.

RHA Trueconnect Truly Wireless Earbud - REVIEW


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Full Transparency for my audience:
Links above are my affiliate links to Amazon Associates or other related programs. I may earn a commission if you purchase through my links. RHA sent this in for review. Review 100% my own.


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JimsReviewRoom : Sup #teamJRR ! Side note, the battery claimed... It should have stated 5 hours + 20 hrs = 25hrs total use. I wrote total was 20 which isn't accurate. Enjoy the weekend peeps. I've been seeing your suggestions and trying to line things up for you guys. Keep em coming!! FIRE for everyone. ** And if you read this... might be doing a giveaway for 750k SUBS!!! HYPE **
Dirk Hackenberg :
Mayank Agarwal : one of the best review videos I've seen

B Sai Srikar : ❤️❤️
Ryan Owen : They are ridiculously quiet
Jasmeet Bedi :
raven schunemann : Who’s here from sweatcoin
Nakul R RAJPUT :
Ashish Bahure :
Debrup Bose : I was wondering. Would it be worth a buy for my apple 11. I mean would i get the bass proper ? Just a suggestion. What earphones would suit the best for my iPhone 11 ?




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